Ambiant sunday

  • Quand : dimanche 15 janvier 2017
  • : E² / Sterput
    Rue du Pont-Neuf, 4, 1000 Brussels
  • Combien : Entrée libre
  • + d'infos : Voir l'event FB


E² invite Hermetic particle, Hugo Ficher et Shakmat  pour un dimanche après midi ambient.


• HERMETIC PARTICLE (FTRSND – Idiosyncratics) •
Hermetic particle reflects energy of transformation in soundwaves.
He will presents ” Manifestation of our hidden correlation”

Hugo Ficher is a Belgian musician, born in Liège. His work could be described as “terrestrial ambient”, “living room psychedelic music” and “organic noise”. The link between physical and emotive reactions is the most important point while creating his sounds. Harmonical or dissonant, minimal or complex, abstract or concrete, he’s using a lot of contrasts but still have a consistency focusing on intuition.

Shakmat will perform an exclusive ambient liveset for this special occasion.

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