Ambient Lay Down #3

  • Quand : dimanche 4 mars 2018
  • À quelle heure : 19h-22h
  • : Sterput - Rue du Pont neuf, 4 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Combien : 5€
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Caroline Profanter : Electroacoustic, soundscape, imaginary
Yannick Franck : Soundscaping
Svaer : Drone, Ambient, Neo-Classical  


Caroline Profanter works in the fields of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art as a Composer and Musician. Her works oscillate between Acousmatic Composition, Live Performance and Sound installation. She collects field recordings, combines them with electronics, and explores the grey zones in between. The human voice and the interplay with words and text appear as current elements.
She uses dirty sound material, unstable noise, and put it into a musical context by searching a harmony with other complex sounds, taken from soundscape recordings and sounding objects. 
By ampfliying electromagnetic waves that surround us and using a feedback-mixer i get a rich spectrum in rythmical patterns and polyphonies, that unfurl in an imaginary space.
Yannick Franck explores radical soundscaping since 2005.
He has performed and released his music worldwide and he is at the origin of many solo and collaborative projects. All of them are promoted through the platform ⊹ nsnwrdsnsgls ⊹ (read noise and words and sigils). 
He plays in critically acclaimed duo Orphan Swords (Aurora Borealis, Instruments of Discipline, Clan Destine) and his solo outfit RAUM has recently been called “an Industrial tour de force” by LA website The Brvtalist.
Yannick also runs the left field record label Idiosyncratics.
Svær is the solo-project of Brussels based young artist Médéric Mondet.
After playing in some bands, and composing soundtracks for films, Médéric launch Svær, a project born from drone, noise, ambient, post-rock and neo-classical minimalism.
With drowned in reverb guitars, tape-loops, and lots of effects, Svær tries to create sonic places where calm and fury co-exist, in unstable sound textures.
He’s working actually on his first EP, which should see the daylight during the year 2018. v=nLMGxor-cFo v=HUozIAsKJuw

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