One Moment Free Impro

  • Quand : samedi 4 mars 2017
  • : Sterput
    Rue du pont-neuf, 4
    Bruxelles 1000
  • Combien : 5€
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“We are all free birds, live the moment and let the sounds be what they are…!!!!”
OMFI ( One Moment Free Improv ) is a serie of perfomances with free improvisation as a common thread. OMFI is hosted by E² / Sterput.

Daniel Thompson and Tom Jackson, first met in 2010 and played their first duo concert during that year in London. Since this time they have continued to play duo, albeit rarely and play in various other groups together, most notably in the trio with Benedict Taylor.

Jacques Foschia and JJ Duerinckx aka MCJJ first met a long time ago in Brussels. A duet where sound meanders and breaths bring a bright touch to the present moment.They are with Tom Jackson members of the wind ensemble FOEHN

Please be there on time the performances has to end at 9:30 PM ! Thanks 🙂
Price: 5€
All the entries are for the musicians
Curated by JJ Duerinckx & Matthieu Saffatly


// TOM JACKSON is a clarinettist and saxophonist active in Brussels and London, largely dedicated to the fields of contemporary classical music and free improvisation. He maintains an extensive and eclectic performance schedule and has performed throughout Europe, Australia and Hong Kong. He has recently completed a PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University entitled “A practice-based investigation of the clarinet through free improvisation”.

// DANIEL THOMPSON is a guitarist, improviser and concert organiser. Born in Norfolk, England Daniel has been based in East London since 2005 performing throughout UK and Europe and working extensively with improvisers based all over the world. As well as playing solo concerts Daniel has collaborated with many musicians including Neil Metcalfe, Evan Parker, Caroline Kraabel, Adrian Northover, John Edwards, Benedict Taylor, Tom Jackson, Sue Lynch, Olie Brice, Alex Ward, Philipp Wachsmann, Guillaume Viltard, Marcello Magliocchi, Adam Bohman, Vid Drasler and Kay Grant to name only a few. Some of Daniels recordings can be found on the Leo, Confront, FMR and Inexhaustible Editions record labels.

// JACQUES FOSCHIA is a composer, radio artist, and sonic sailor. Many of Foschia’s investigations in different fields of improvisation begin by exploring the relationship between dance and music with Barre Phillips, an American jazz and free improvisation bass player who founded the Centre Européen Pour l’Improvisation (CEPI – European Improvisation Center) in 2014 in southern France. In 2000, he joined the colorful and innovative band London Improvisers Orchestra, and has since developed collaborations with experimental groups from the London improvisation scene such as the Bohman Brothers, Lawrence Casserley, David Leahy, Tony Marsh, David Tucker, among others. And in 2001, he founded the Belgian/German band Canaries on the Pole with acclaimed musicians Christoph Irmer, Georg Wissel, and Mike Goyvaerts. He is also engaged in radio art, producing radio pieces under several names for international organizations and stations including Kunstradio ORF, Radia FM, Silenceradio, and for many years has been working on streaming and live performances with the Japanese philosopher, activist, and radio artist Tetsuo Kogawa.

// JJ DUERINCKX aka Maurice Charles Jj saxophonist, composer, sound artist, practicing mainly the sopranino and baritone saxophones. First influenced by Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, John Surman, Hamiet Bluiett; his meetings with saxophonists Lol Coxhill and later Michel Doneda were finally decisive – guiding his playing to a world where sound material and abstract melodies coexist and intermingle. He plays or has played with musicians such as John Russell, Adam Bohman, Adrian Northover, Lol Coxhill, Michel Doneda, Pascal Marzan, Jacques Foschia, Tom Jackson, Matthieu Safatly among others. He is always looking to new collaboration Always open to new meetings, transdiciplinarity in art is important for him. He likes to collaborate with other forms of artistic expressions by contribution with the unique character of his instrument’s own rare vocal qualities which he also uses for his compositions. He is also a sound artist, his creations as been shown in the City Sonic festival. He is the founder of One Moment Free Improv and leads improvised music workshops.

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