• Quand : mardi 13 février 2018
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  • Combien : 5€
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Sterput invite Sphaigne pour une performance electro accoustique.
Ouverture 20h, fermeture 22h



  • Gabrielle Weissen – dance
  • Mathieu Lilin – baritone saxophone
  • Thomas Coquelet – tascam tape recorder, synthetisers, harmonium, objets..
  • Quentin Conrate – incomplete drums

Sphaigne is a meeting between artists working on different fields who share consciousness of space and improv.
Dealing with electronic and acoustic sounds, Sphaigne is using the energy of noise music and the intensity of tiny sounds and movements to create an acoustic space and a field for dance.
Sphaigne is also the name of mosses living in peatland.

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